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Leadership based on simple principles is more effective for achieving success than the application of complex management methods and systems. Energies must be invested in the right people.

Most companies and organizations do not lack good ideas, methods, and concepts. But what is often missing is an effective approach to execution. Frequently, people get lost in the "How" - in the executive hectic and complexity of the details.
In order to ensure that a team can successfully implement projects and ideas, the individual energies of each individual team member must be focused on a common goal. Positive and attractive visions of the future will support this effort. If an organization succeeds in bundling the energies, hopes, and passions of many people so that they focus on the same visions of the future, this will generate a large potential for success.

PRO4S partners have written this article on the subject of "Leverage and Principles of Leadership" for Alpha.

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