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Visualization makes people involved and prepared to share

ZThe goal of process analysis and optimization during a PRO4S Powerweek is to create a broad basis of transparency about current activities in the business processes.

Existing potential for improvement is made visible by a simplified image of the routine processes actually taking place in a business.

The purpose of this image of dynamic everyday reality is to allow a shared vision to grow in employees of how their own organization works.

This broadly based acceptance of problems will later on provide the foundation for acceptance of solutions that improve business processes.

Customer value
Fast and efficient visualization of current processes in the sense of the 80/20 rule will create a share vision and acceptance.

Identification of optimizing potential in terms of quality, cost, and time.

Creation and prioritizing of the action plan to put identified potential for improvement into practice.

Preparation of management decisions for fast execution of improvements.

People affected become people involved - as precondition for successful implementation.

This concentrated week, on-site work, and involvement of the key persons ensure fast results, a shared vision, and transparent performance.