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Breathing life together into values by value workshops

In management circles, everyone agrees that the right mix of values is important. Yet only a small number succeed in transferring values from a small group of management staff to the entire workforce. In many places, values remain abstract, and philosophical discussions cause even more insecurity. It is crucial that management create conditions enabling employees to address situations that are critical to success without causing any finger-pointing. What is required instead is to share and take part in mastered challenges, to want to learn from one another, to be available to one another, and to gain insights from situations that went wrong. The aim is to identify and strengthen the good core in an organizations people together. Which customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and management staff can rely on blindly.

PRO4S designs and moderates workshops dealing with specific corporate values with a lasting effect.

Corporate values agreed upon form the starting point for a day full of excitement. Together with your company management and management staff, the entire organization will breathe life into these values.

All this takes place without any theory or binder. Experience during an entire day what values really mean in personal practice and what your personal contribution will be.

Values cannot be commanded. They must be discovered, shared, and be made tangible by emotionalizing stories.