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A mobilizing communications culture

Many companies badly neglect the subject of shared visions, collectivization, and organization of innovations. They entirely overlook the fact that decisive ideas and the energy required for further developing them and putting them into practice are created in dialogs, in talks, in shared constructive disputes of committed people.

Especially companies engaged in the high-liability industries such as hospitals, air and rail travel , IT services, or power must rely on a structured, hierarchical, clearly defined language to ensure timely mastery of their everyday challenges. Despite the necessity of such a language and all the benefits it offers, many organizations show clearldeficiencies in communications and collaboration.

Employees on site often identify problems at an early stage. These problems are frequently not addressed or not reported to the decision-makers. To ensure that important inputs, ideas, concerns reach management from the base without triggering any finger-pointing, attentive, appreciative, and mobilizing communications are required.

Communications by management staff are often of a frontal nature, top down, and are marked by instructions. In communications by managers, you will much too often find a number of periods or exclamation marks at the end of sentences. In order to move strategies, buisiness processes, or organizational changes from paper to day-to-day routine and to transform them into functioning collaboration on site, a solution-focused and dialog-oriented communcations culture is additionally needed.