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Creating PowerPoint soundtracks on site

In order to make sure that PowerPoint slides are understood and can be rapidly propagated, explanations by the expert the manager ae normally required. Imagine creating the soundtracks of your slides on site within a very short time. You can make your emotionalized slides with added sound rapidly available to your target group via the network.

These slides with soundtracks can be used as isolated solutions or be integrated in common e-learning platforms.
Make sure that your message and your explanations come across undistorted and with an emotional touch.
PRO4S has refined this methodology and technology so that your experts and management staff can externalize their knowledge and convey it effectively.

High value is created, for example:
in the preparation and follow-up of management, marketing, or sales conferences;
in the roll-out of new products, technologies, solutions, and services from product marketing to the sales teams and customers;
in training sessions;
in commenting business results and figures.

Example of a PowerPoint presentation with soundtrack: "The levers for mobilizing people":