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Coping with the flood of information
Overloaded customer and staff information? The overabundance of data on a PowerPoint slide? Handouts with a text volume of Tolstois "War and Peace"? The authors of PowerPoint presentations invest a lot of personal learning time when developing their contents. The addressees are then frequently expected to cycle through this learning process within a matter of minutes. It is assumed that they will absorb all the information within a short time - to understand and internalize it. No wonder, then, that people stop seeing the wood for the trees ....

Clear and imaginative knowledge structures
Over the past years, PRO4S has successfully applied methoden and tools for developing core knowledge structures and concentrates. Knowledge workshops are held together with your management, your staff, and possibly even your customers. In them, strategies, actions, measures, concepts, and subjects are structured, visualized, and didactized for qualification programs - brielfy, clearly, understandably, and imaginatively. Everyone participates in the learning process of knowledge development and therefore backs the solutions established.

Modern knowledge structuring tools
The visual and textual structuring of contents takes place at your local site on the basis of "Online Visualization" by tablet PCs and beamers, MindMapping, process visualizations tools, DigiCam, plus video and audio tools allowing direct on-site production.