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The institute pursues in scientific manner the question of how to design education and learning in the business sector and also in society in general. Processes of teaching and learning, school management and educational management, as well as questions concerning the controlling of the educational system are in the focus of attention. In the work carried out at the institute, a constant meshing of gain of scientific insight (research and development) and innovative development of practice is strived for.

In its beginnings, vocational education as a discipline was mainly concerned with the question of how to best teach economic matters. The increased importance of educational issues in economy and society has given rise to a discipline covering a wide range of topics with regard to research and teaching. Today, our institute reflects this wide variety in research and development: strategic and operational educational management, designing curricula, training and continuing education of teachers and school management, as well as consulting and research in the field of vocational education, educational management, teaching and learning (didactics) and educational policy.